The Broadway Linear Park

Transforming Manhattan's most under-used resource.

We are proposing the creation of a green, car-free space from Union Square to Central Park

The Broadway Linear Park will transform the avenue into a new destination, integrating nature, art, design, and people in a unique way, inspiring New Yorkers and visitors.  Let's give New York City a great new attraction, flowing right through the heart of Manhattan.

The Vision: Broadway, Green and Gorgeous

The Starting Point: Broadway, Manhattan’s Most Under-Used Resource

The Broadway Linear Park: The Vision

We've looked at how to redesign a specific block of the corridor from the ground up. Take a look for yourself!

Broadway can live up to its world-famous name and be an inviting gathering space for New Yorkers and visitors alike.
Illustration By Noelle Hunter

Check out our ideas on how The Broadway Linear Park's design can reflect and embrace the wonderful neighborhoods along the corridor.

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